When should we contact you? Whenever you would like to chat about your wedding. We’re happy to offer advice at any stage. It’s helpful to know your proposed date & location to see if we’re available. We have planned weddings in 24 hours – but booking ahead is recommended. We will also refer you to other officiants if we are booked.  You can send an online enquiry with this form:        Wedding Enquiry
When should we get our marriage license? You may obtain your license and be married the same day, but we suggest getting your license a few weeks ahead. Marriage licenses expire 90 days after issue. The COUPLE is responsible for obtaining their Marriage License. The officiant CANNOT obtain a license for you. NOTE: If you have been divorced outside of Canada, you will need a lawyer’s letter as well, and this will take extra time. See Ontario Guidelines on how to get married.
Note: it may take 8-12 weeks after the wedding to receive your final CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE REGISTRATION from Ontario, so plan accordingly.
How many witnesses do we need? Two adults, over 18 years of age. They may be related, to each other, or to you, and may live in any country, if they have identification. Ask if you do not have available witnesses.
How long is a wedding ceremony? It depends on the service. Generally, 18 minutes for a simple wedding, 23 to 30 minutes for music, readings, and additional elements. We offer brief legal ceremonies for simple elopements and micro-weddings and traditional wedding ceremonies for family events or larger celebrations. Please see our ceremony samples,
May we write our own vows? Of course. Once you have stated the legal vows as required by the Marriage Act, you can add anything you wish to say. I encourage you to look at sample ceremonies and to let me know what you would like in your ceremony, and I’ll accommodate you.
How do we include children? We can include them in the ceremony, or write a special part for them, depending upon their age, and your family wishes. We also provide baby-naming ceremonies – just ask.
Do we have to memorize our parts? No – I will prompt you for everything (discreetly). You simply need to relax and enjoy yourselves.
Do you allow photos and filming of the ceremony? Yes, but I like to meet with the photographers briefly before the ceremony to set up angles and block out the ceremony for them. We usually ask guests to turn off their cellphones during the ceremony.
What additional ceremonies may be added? A wine, tea, or sake ceremony. A memorial or unity candle. A sand or water mingling. Bread and salt, honey and date or sugar ceremony. Seven steps, Seven blessings.  Arrhae and veil, blanket, garland, stefana, handfasting. Non-religious cultural ceremonies from various traditions (Jewish, Buddhist, Celtic, Persian, etc.) Ask us for examples.
May we include live music or other performances? Of course. We always encourage participation, especially by friends and family. We can also recommend musicians. We also conduct weddings for musicians! Often!
Do you offer weekday ceremonies? Evenings or mornings? Special times or locations? Yes, I’m available on weekdays, and on non-standard hours. I’m happy to discuss alternate locations and circumstances – on boats, backyards, balconies and beaches. I offer small private weddings in your home, borrowed apartment, hotel, or my own little apartment –  as well standard ‘weekend’ weddings.
Fees and Contracts and other details I’m happy to email you a sample contract and fee schedule. Fees are a sliding scale based on the size of your event, location and date. Just drop me a line at MaryBeaty (at) gmail (dot) com, or fill in this form with the approximate day, time, and location of your wedding, and I’ll send you a free package of information.  If I am booked, I will recommend other officiants to contact.
Code of Ethics Ontario Humanist Society Officiants are governed by a Code of Ethics. Concerns relating to the performance of a Humanist Officiant as set out in the Ontario Humanist Society Professional Standards may be directed in writing to: Chair, Ceremonies Committee, Ontario Humanist Society, 105 Consumers Drive, Unit 2Whitby, ONL1N 1C4,  or by email to: ethicalconcerns@ontariohumanists.ca