We offer Traditional, Contemporary, and Multicultural legal wedding ceremonies, both formal and informal.  Whether it is a private elopement (a ‘micro’ or ‘popup’ wedding), a short legal ceremony for those planning a ‘destination’ wedding, a family or community gathering, an informal event or a large traditional wedding, we will help design a simple, meaningful, marriage service which reflects your wishes and personal circumstances.

Our wedding services are Humanist ceremonies: simple, personal, ethical, and non-religious (also known as ‘secular’ weddings, and equivalent to a ‘civil’ ceremony performed by a Justice of the Peace, Judge, or Municipal Marriage Commissioner). They fulfil all the legal requirements of a ‘City Hall’ wedding, but are personalised by adding your own details, including personal vows, reflections, music, and may include unique personal or family touches.  Most ceremonies are 15-23 minutes in length, including the signing of the Marriage Register and Licence.

We also offer simple legal ceremonies for those planning a destination wedding, or a spiritual wedding at a later date. We create ceremonies for families who wish to include children, or for unique circumstances such as a re-marriage, legal marriage for long-term partners, etc.

Though our services are not religious, we are happy to include cultural references, and we have married people from many different heritage traditions. We can suggest ceremonies to represent your cultural heritage and enhance your ceremonies. We’ll be happy to send samples.

Please note: Two Legal witnesses (persons over the the age of 18) are required for all ceremonies. You are responsible for obtaining your own Marriage License before the wedding.

Here are SAMPLE ceremonies.  Each includes the required legal formalities, and some ideas on personalisation. We usually work together on creating a ceremony that suits your needs and wishes.

Here is a sample Traditional service: Adam and Emily
Here is a sample Modern ceremony: Rachel and Michael
Here is a sample Small home ceremony: Kate and Janet
Here is a sample Informal wedding: Liam and John
Here is a sample Simple elopement, or short private wedding
Here is a sample Legal barebones civil wedding: Conor and Isabel
Here is a sample Surprise wedding: Ali and Jessica

We’d be pleased to send you more information, including a full fee schedule, and a selection of  ceremonies. Simply fill out this form or send us an email [marybeaty (at) gmail (dot) com] to let us know the proposed date, time and location of your wedding, and any special details. If I’m available, I’ll  select some wedding services and send them to you along with a sample contract and a fee schedule.